A vibrant metropolis

Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, is one of the biggest Latin American cities. Located at the mouth of the Río de la Plata, this bustling metropolis uniquely combines European charm and Latin American spirit. With a sophisticated architecture, many streets remind you of those of Paris. However, Buenos Aires is truly a South American city with a highly multicultural heritage.


Tourist Information:

National Library of the Argentine Republic - Guided Tour
Buenos Aires City's Historic Centre - Guided Tour
Centro Cultural Recoleta's
Buenos Aires Bus
Buenos Aires Tourist Guide
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Recoleta - Guided Tour:

1) Iglesia del Pilar; Centro cultural Recoleta; Plaza Intendente T. De Alvear;  Palais  de Glace.
2) Avenida Alvear y Montevideo.
3) Monumento Francia a la Argentina; Museo Nacional de Bellas Arte; Plazoleta del Líbano; Plaza Mitre; Plaza Evita; Plaza Rúben Darío; Biblioteca Nacional.
4)  Centro de Exposiciones Municipal; Facultad de Derecho; Flor genérica; planta de canal 7; Plaza República Oriental del Uruguay.
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Tienda de León

Tienda de León



Buenos Aires is a culturally and socially exciting city. Your entertainment choices range from soccer to world renowned opera, all easily accessible through a convenient transportation system, in a city friendly to non-Spanish speakers. Buenos Aires offers a number of museums, art galleries, cinemas and theaters, with national and international first class performances, that can only be found in a city of this size and prestige.



Buenos Aires is the birthplace and the world capital of tango, a rhythm that was created by the banks of the Río de la Plata, at the end of the 19th century, as a fusion of European and African music. The typical “tanguerías” exhibit diverse shows with live orchestras and dancers, especially in the San Telmo district. You may also go to the “milongas”, places where you dance tango. Many of them organize classes given by specialized teachers before the dancing.


Nightlife and eating out

The city’s vibrant nightlife is very diverse and only ends in the small hours. Pubs and discotheques offer different options for all tastes. With regard to eating out, innumerable restaurants, in all the gastronomic styles and for all budgets, delight visitors.



In this city of contrasts you will find modern shopping malls with international brands, and picturesque handicraft fairs in different parks and squares. There are several shopping circuits, each offering different articles: antiques in San Telmo, books in Corrientes Avenue, leather items in Retiro neighborhood, and souvenirs in La Boca. The avant-garde in objects, clothes and decorative elements is in Palermo Viejo neighbourhood.


Access by air and getting into the city

Buenos Aires can easily be reached by plane or car. It is served by two airports. The “Ministro Pistarini” is the international airport, located at Ezeiza; it is 35 km (22 miles) southwest of downtown Buenos Aires. This airport is the main gate to Argentina, where all international flights arrive. To travel downtown you can book an Airport transfer; take a bus or a taxi.

The “Jorge Newbery” Airport is located on the city riverside, five minutes from downtown. From there you can fly to the provinces and some neighbouring countries.

BUS: There is a good bus service from the airport terminal to the city center, offering a service about every 1/2 hour from 6.00 to 20.00 h. Purchase a ticket from the booth just outside the customs area.

For further information check the airports website: www.aa2000.com.ar


Transportation within the city

The Buenos Aires public transportation system allows easy travelling within the city. There are five subway lines (A, B, C, D, E and H) and about one hundred city bus lines (“colectivos”). The subway network connects the most important areas of the city with the Congress venue. The nearest subway station to the venue is “Las Heras”, Line H. At rush hours, both subways and buses are very crowded, for which reason we recommend that you take taxis. All official taxis in the city are black and yellow, and many can be called by phone, so called “radio taxis”, which we recommend.



Every person entering Argentina should be in possession of a valid passport or ID card (neighbouring countries). Some countries require a Visa. http://www.migraciones.gov.ar/accesibleingles/?visas

Please contact the nearest Argentine Embassy or Consulate to your home for further information. https://www.mrecic.gov.ar/representaciones

Reciprocity Fee (USA, Canada and Australia):

It’s important that you should know the requirements, for, whether you need visa, there are special procedures to follow: Invitation Letter signed by the Congress Authorities, in English as well as in Spanish, authentication of signature by Notary Public and by the Association of Argentinean Notaries, Renure certification, sending of the letters by email and the originals by air mail.


Credit Cards

Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, stores and restaurants.



The voltage in Argentina is 220 Volt. Argentina electrical plugs have 2 cylindrical holes or three flat holes, as shown below. Please, be prepared and bring adaptors for both kinds of plugs.


October in Buenos Aires is very mild, with an average temperature at 17.2°C (62.96°F). The average high temperature is 22.1°C (71.8°F) and minimum temperatures are around 12.7°C (54.9°F).


Sanitary Information

No special measures must be taken for travelling to Buenos Aires and to the main tourist destinations in Argentina. Check with your physician for appropriate advice if you plan on visiting other places in South America.



Argentina’s country code is 54. Buenos Aires’ area code is 11.


Time differences

Buenos Aires’ time zone is 3 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Time zone: GMT-0300



The official language of the country is Spanish, but English is spoken at most hotels, restaurants, shops and in the main tourist areas.



The cosmopolitan population of Buenos Aires is reflected in a variety of excellent restaurants and cafés, at a walking distance from the venue zone, which are open until late at night. They offer a diversity of cuisine including vegetarian food and the best beef.
In addition, Argentine wines are excellent and their outstanding quality is recognized around the world. Tipping is not included in the service charge and is usually 10%.

Dinner is served from 20.00 h to midnight.



Tipping is not the general custom in Argentina and service charges are not added to accounts by hotels and restaurants. However, you may tip hotel porters and food and drink waiters in restaurants (up to 10% of the bill) for special service. At any time, tipping is your choice.


Security: cut your risk

Buenos Aires is a safe city, although it is convenient to take some special precautions. Practice the same caution you would practice when visiting major metropolitan destinations in your country, and we are sure that your stay in Buenos Aires will be very pleasant.




Attendees are advised to take accident and health insurance before travelling. The Meeting Organizers cannot assume liability for personal injury, loss or damage of property of attendees or accompanying persons, either during the Meeting or during trips in Argentina.


Currency and banking

The currency in Argentina is the Argentine Peso ($). For official exchange rate, see http://www.bna.com.ar/

Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks and airports and Peso can be obtained at any Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) located throughout the city. All hotel costs can be paid by credit card.


  • Puente de la Mujer (Women's Bridge) - Puerto Madero
  • The Galileo Galilei planetarium (Planetario) - Parque 3 de Febrero
  • Obelisco - Av. 9 de Julio & Av. Corrientes
  • Floralis generica - Recoleta
  • Caminito - La Boca
  • Tango Monument - Puerto Madero
  • Palermo Forest and Lakes (Bosques de Palermo) - Palermo
  • Tango Dancers - San Telmo

Courtesy: Government of the City of Buenos Aires