The Mesopotamia Argentina is a huge geographic region bounded by large rivers, a feature that provides one of the greatest natural wealth of the country. The three provinces that make up this "giant island" have the greatest variety of plant and animal species throughout the Argentine territory. In its flora and fauna are more than 2000 known species of vascular plants, more than 400 birds (one third of the total Argentina) and countless insects, many still unidentified.

In this context, on the border between the provinces of Entre Rios and Corrientes is Mocoretá, a quiet village nestled in one of the areas with most citrus activity, where almost all of its inhabitants work in farms producing oranges and tangerines, in factories of citrus derivatives, or in packing houses where the selected fruit is prepared for export .

Distance from Buenos Aires City: 600 km (373 mi)


  • Bus departure from Buenos Aires City to Mocoretá (province of Corrientes).

  • Visit to model citrus grove. Technical and Sanitary Management. Export protocols.

  • Visit to “Cooperativa San Francisco”: Export packing and citric juice industry.

  • Typical country lunch. Traditional argentinian roast meat (“asado”)

  • Return to Buenos Aires City.


Duration: Full day, starting early in the morning and returning to Buenos Aires City of at night.




SAN PEDRO , PORT-CITY - ON THE SHORES OF THE PARANÁ RIVER ( Limited Number of Participants !)

Of unquestioned beauty, San Pedro is one of the main tourist icons of Buenos Aires Province. The unique landscape of Parana River Canyon, the overseas port and a varied cultural proposal are combined with a thriving fruit-growing, where local oranges and peaches are globally recognized.

Additionally, the city is renowned for its culinary tradition: the “ensaimada”, a Majorcan (Spain) dessert that makes San Pedro a must stop for bakery lovers and good food.


Distance from Buenos Aires City: 170 km (106 mi)


  • Bus departure from Buenos Aires City to San Pedro (province of Buenos Aires).

  • Visit to San Pedro Experimental Station - National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA.

  • Visit to “Finca La Campiña” & Typical country lunch.

  • Visit to citrus packing.

  • Return to Buenos Aires City.


Duration: Half day, starting early in the morning and returning in the afternoon to Buenos Aires City.



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